Christopher Shih, MD FACG

Regional Gi presents Wellness Program to Ephrata National Bank employees

Here at Regional Gi, we take pride in educating the community on Digestive Health Wellness. As part of this commitment, we have created a program that caters specifically to businesses at no cost to the employer. A board certified gastroenterologist from Regional Gi will visit your facility to educate and provide potential life saving information on Digestive Health Wellness and Prevention.

Ephrata National Bank (ENB) recently kicked off their wellness initiative with Regional Gi’s program, educating  their employees on digestive health and colonoscopies. Too often people forgo colonoscopies because of fear, so Dr. Shih visited ENB to not only educate but to ease minds as well. Kathy Lake of ENB was kind enough to answer questions about the experience.

Ephrata National Bank started a wellness program of their own, can you explain further how it started?
“Our employees are very valuable to us, and we care about their health, so if they have preventive procedures done and catch something early it can save their life. Employee well-being is very important to the bank, our employees are just as much like a family as they are co-workers.”

What part of Regional Gi’s presentation was most impactful to you and your employees?
“The entire presentation was very interesting, and following the presentation, Dr. Shih answered many questions from our employees. He even helped me (personally) because I have been having some pain and discomfort. He felt like my symptoms seemed like gallbladder issues and suggested I get it checked out. I have since had to have surgery to remove my gallbladder.”

Would you recommend this program to other businesses?
“Yes! It helps put the employees mind at ease about getting a colonoscopy. Many of our employees informed Human Resources that they felt much more comfortable scheduling their colonoscopies since the presentation. Fear has subsided.”

For more information on the Regional Gi Wellness Program or to schedule a presentation for your employees, contact:
Andre Renna,
Executive Director
(717) 869-4600 or,
email at