Women’s Digestive Health Center in Lancaster

Womens Digestive Health Center Lancaster

Gastrointestinal problems are relatively common in women and can be treated, but many women never seek help, either because they are embarrassed about their symptoms, or they simply don’t know where to turn.

That’s why Regional Gi is proud to be opening the Women’s Digestive Health Center at 694 Good Drive, adjacent to the Women and Babies Hospital, where staff will provide answers regarding digestive health issues facing women.

Dr. Sadiya Cheshty, of Regional Gi, has been named Medical Director. She is board-certified in gastroenterology and internal medicine, and has special interests in women’s health, gastrointestinal cancers, hepatitis, and nutrition. She is passionate about caring for women and believes that having a female physician often makes it easier for women to discuss symptoms that they may otherwise be embarrassed to mention.

As Dr. Cheshty states, “Being able to communicate and feel comfortable with a gastroenterologist is essential to a woman’s health, not just in treating symptoms that complicate everyday life, but also in preventing and catching more serious illnesses before they become life-threatening.”

Dr. Cheshty is accepting new patients at the Center, and her current patients can also request to see her at the Center.

In addition to administering care at the new Women’s Digestive Health Center, our offices in Lancaster and Brownstown provide a comforting and confidential respite for women seeking answers about their health issues. We have two female gastroenterologists — Dr. Sadiya Cheshty and Dr. Alexandra Gibas, F.A.C.P., certified in both gastroenterology and internal medicine.

To schedule an appointment at the new Women’s Digestive Health Center, call (717) 869-4600. You can also schedule an appointment at either of our other two offices, located at the Lancaster General Health Campus and on Oregon Pike in Brownstown by calling (717) 869-4600.