Regional Gi Co-Sponsors Strollin’ Through the Colon Event

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a colon looks like?

Regional Gi was pleased to co-sponsor Strollin’ Through The Colon on March 26, 2015 at New Joy Church, Ephrata, PA. This Colon Cancer Awareness Month event served the community through valuable education and outreach!

Regional Gi’s Dr. Whitebloom spoke to an audience of nearly 30 guests. Whitebloom presented the latest information on colon cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment.

“Colon cancer is largely preventable,” started Whitebloom. We can modify our risk for colon cancer by consuming fruits, vegetables and high fiber foods.

Guests had an opportunity to walk through an inflatable colon equipped with simulated tissues and polyps. Dr. Whitebloom addressed the audience’s questions and concerns during a brief Q&A session immediately following the lecture.

“Screenings detect colon cancer when it is asymptomatic,” continued Whitebloom.

Scheduling routine screening efficiently safeguards your digestive health. Are you concerned about your risk for colon cancer? Meet with our board-certified specialists today!

Strollin’ Through The Colon was co-sponsored with Ephrata Community Hospital.