Regional Gi Attends 2015 Health & Fitness Expo at Willow Valley Communities

Regional Gi was proud to attend the 2015 Health & Fitness Expo at Willow Valley Communities, Tuesday, June 2nd.

“This day is to celebrate adult health and fitness. The focus of this fun-filled event is to encourage adults to engage in activities to maintain or improve their health,” reported Willow Valley Communities.

Celebrity fitness and motivation expert, Brett Hoebel, the event’s keynote speaker, has addressed such topics as weight loss, bullying and emotional obstacles. Hoebel encouraged event participants to build strength from within as they rediscover their youth.

Regional Gi is proud to serve the community through valuable outreach. Participants were given an opportunity to learn more about gastrointestinal health and wellness, including the variety of gastrointestinal services that Regional Gi provides. Many thanks to all those who attended this wonderful event!