A Momeent with MicheleWelcome to A Moment with Michele, where Regional Gi RN Michele will be writing about Celiac disease, her personal experiences, resources and tips.

Some topics Michele will be discussing on our blog:
Overview of Celiac disease
Meetings for Celiac support groups
Resources for Celiac sufferers
Personal stories
Traveling with Celiac

About Michele – RN at the Endoscopy Center
From a long line of nurses and healthcare professionals, Michele was destined to chose a career in health services. Michele has 8 years of experience with Regional Gi and 7 years ago was diagnosed with Celiac disease. She is no stranger to the lifestyle choices that come with a Celiac diagnosis and is willing to share tips and information with other sufferers.

Michele’s Patient Care Philosophy is simple: Patients should be given the same level of care as  you would give your own family.

Michele enjoys working with the Regional Gi team, doctors and the organization as a whole.

A Moment With Michele | Dining Out with Celiac Disease

Eating out can be hazardous to those with celiac disease. No one wants to feel sick after paying for dinner at a nice restaurant. Many restaurants now have a gluten free menu. Hurray! Or should you say no way? Do not get excited when you see a ton of foods marked ‘gluten free’ on the […]

A Moment with Michele | Pizza Lovers Listen Up

Pizza lovers, Pizza Hut has joined the gluten free bandwagon, and they intend to do it properly. Pizza Hut has paired up with Udi’s Gluten Free Foods to create a safe and delicious pizza for those with Celiac Disease. There are some other chain restaurants that offer gluten free pizza, but most are not going […]

A Moment with Michele | Cookbook – Gluten Free Never Tasted So Good

Several years ago a friend gave me a gluten free cookbook called “Gluten Free Never Tasted So Good”. It is a book that was written by a mother “Polly” whose very ill daughter was diagnosed by Regional Gi’s Dr. Whitebloom. At the time of her diagnosis in 2002, Celiac Disease was not common, gluten free […]