A Momeent with MicheleWelcome to A Moment with Michele, where Regional Gi RN Michele will be writing about Celiac disease, her personal experiences, resources and tips.

Some topics Michele will be discussing on our blog:
Overview of Celiac disease
Meetings for Celiac support groups
Resources for Celiac sufferers
Personal stories
Traveling with Celiac

About Michele – RN at the Endoscopy Center
From a long line of nurses and healthcare professionals, Michele was destined to chose a career in health services. Michele has 8 years of experience with Regional Gi and 7 years ago was diagnosed with Celiac disease. She is no stranger to the lifestyle choices that come with a Celiac diagnosis and is willing to share tips and information with other sufferers.

Michele’s Patient Care Philosophy is simple: Patients should be given the same level of care as  you would give your own family.

Michele enjoys working with the Regional Gi team, doctors and the organization as a whole.

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