Kelly's KornerWelcome to Kelly’s Korner, where Regional Gi staff member Kelly will be writing about Crohn’s disease, her experiences, resources and tips.

Some topics Kelly will be discussing on our blog:
Overview of Crohn’s Disease
Recipes ideas for people with Crohn’s Disease
Seasonal – What to watch out for/expect
Travel – How do you prepare?

About Kelly – A highly organized guru

Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 17, Kelly began as a patient and now works at Regional Gi to keep scheduling services running smoothly. Identifying with Crohn’s sufferers enables Kelly to provide patients with tips, information and the understanding and support they need.

Kelly’s Patient Care Philosophy is to concentrate on what a current or potential patient’s major concern is. Every individual’s tolerance for discomfort, pain or other issues related to intestinal health is different. She wants to make sure that every patient’s issue is treated with the same attention as the next, ensuring that the right level of care is offered.

Working at Regional Gi, Kelly admires the ability of every member of the team to work together as a unit. What she enjoys the most are her interactions with patients.

When she’s not organizing the office, she’s spoiling her granddaughter.

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