Kelly’s Korner | Let It Snow

Let it Snow!

Kelly's Korner‘Tis the season to hibernate! Winter can always be a little tough for me. I don’t go outside as much and I find myself snuggling up with a good book or craft project, usually in front of the TV, picking at yummy comfort foods rather than more healthy choices.

During the dark days of Winter it’s a good idea to set some small healthy eating goals for yourself. My goal for this year, on my good energy days, is to make some healthy snacks and have them ready to eat when I’m feeling hungry! There are  a lot of wonderful gluten free, low carb and low fat recipes out there all perfect for this time of year.

Here some of my favorite ingredients to work with:
Green tea

Some other snacks to consider: Make cheddar cheese “chips”, freeze grapes to snack on if you can tolerate them, and cauliflower “breadsticks”. Take advantage of online resources to find some great snacks!

Happy Hibernating!!