Kelly’s Korner – Change Isn’t Always Bad

Kelly's KornerIt can be very scary when you go to the doctor and they change your medications. I know there are people who express this to nurses and other health care workers. You really need to discuss these things with your physician. Write a list of questions you have about your medications you may be taking or ones that the physician may be considering for you. This is the best way for them to understand how you are feeling and also the best way for you to get some answers!

Also be sure to ask about diet restrictions. They may be very different from one person to the next. The two of us in my family that have been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease are on different level of medications and diet restrictions. While my daughter is medication free, I have regular medications I need to take every day. As far as diet is concerned, of course there are differences as well. Be sure to speak to your physician before making any major changes to your diet. Do your research on the internet for recipes as well. You may be surprised as to what you may find.

Best Wishes!