Regional Gi’s Dr. Connell in April issue of Susquehanna Style Magazine

Cover of April 2013 Susquehanna Valley Style magazineDr. Daniel C. Connell discusses Crohn’s disease in this month’s issue of Susquehanna Style Magazine, available in stores now. Another example on how our medical professionals are helping to educate our community.

Excerpt from April Issue of Susquehanna Style.
Fire Burning, 5 fundamental facts about Crohn’s disease  | by Diane McCormick

Crohn’s strikes the young
Depression isn’t uncommon. “Patients with Crohn’s disease spend a certain amount of time sick, and that means they might lose a job,” says Dr. Daniel Connell, of Regional Gi ( “They can’t go to work. They cancel trips. They could get sick in an unexpected place far away from home. They may have side effects of their medications.”

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