Christopher Shih, MD FACG

Dr. Shih in This Month’s Issue of b magazine

Christopher Shih, MD FACGThe Holiday Season is a time for get togethers, joy and a richer diet. “Tummy Troubles” better known as IBS are becoming more prevalent in the baby boomer generation and a change in diet can bring on symptoms. There are many factors such as alcohol, poor food choices, over eating and stress. In addition, as baby boomers age their digestive capacity begins to weaken.

In Leslie Friedman’s article, “Tummy Troubles Too Common For The Baby Boomer Generation”, written for b Magazine, Regional Gi’s Dr. Christopher Shih gives advice for baby boomers around the holidays. Dr. Shih emphasizes a healthy diet and knows that, “Although it is tempting to indulge in rich and fatty foods,  the key is moderation and not to over do those types of foods.”  Instead, focus on eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole complex grains and starches followed by low fat meats, especially fish, in modest quantities.

Watching what you eat is not the only message of this article. “The incidence of both colon cancer and colonic polyps increases steadily as people advance beyond 50 years of age,” explains Dr. Shih. He continues, “…Vigilant screenings with colonoscopy and polyp removal can reduce the risk of colon cancer, and dying from it.” It is critical that everyone over the age of 50 receive a colonoscopy, which is the most effective screening procedure for detection.