Sadiya Cheshty, MD

Dr. Cheshty on ‘Behind the Lines’ with Diane Dayton

Regional Gi’s Dr. Sadiya Cheshty recently had the chance to sit and chat with Diane Dayton on ‘Behind the Lines’ about  women’s digestive health issues and the Regional Gi Women’s Digestive Health Center, which is located on Good Drive in Lancaster, PA near the Women’s  Babies Hospital.   The conversation covers a number of issues that are unique to women, and also the importance of seeing a specialist to address those concerns.

Dr. Cheshty is the medical director of the Regional Gi Women’s Digestive Health Center which is ‘run for women by women’, and offers a welcoming atmosphere where women can go to discuss their specific health concerns with our all female staff.  Dr. Cheshty  is board-certified in gastroenterology and internal medicine, and has special interests in women’s health, gastrointestinal cancers, hepatitis, and nutrition.

‘Behind the Lines’ with Diane Dayton airs locally on Blue Ridge Cable News 11