The American Diabetes Association “Create Your Plate” Approach. Something to consider in the New Year.

The New Year brings many wonderful things, including gatherings and parties with family and friends. As exciting as this time of year is, those suffering from digestive problems may consider it to be one of the most problematic!

Overindulging in the holiday’s sweetest treats can cause a number of digestive related issues. However, there are preventive measures that you can take to ensure moderation during your next holiday social gathering and as you look to make changes to your diet in 2015. Avoid digestive discomfort and guilt with these helpful portion size tips and tricks.

It is important to keep your portions small and balanced. Many of our favorite meals are high in fat and sugar. Substitute these high fiber and sugary meals for appropriately portioned fruits and vegetables. Leafy greens such as spinach, kale, lettuce and other fibrous foods induce gastrointestinal tract motility. Consider The American Diabetes Association’s Create Your Plate approach to portion size. ADA suggests cutting your plate into three sections and filing the largest section with non-starchy vegetables.

For more information, please visit The American Diabetes Association.

Watch The American Diabetes Create Your Plate Video below: