Food, fitness and their role in living a healthy lifestyle

Did you know exercise, diet, and nutrition play a fundamental role in colon health? Are you eating correctly? Do you have a workout and exercise regimen? What can you be doing right now to improve your overall health and wellness? This week into next, we’ll be covering food, fitness and their role in living a healthy lifestyle. 

Todays Tip | Are you taking the time to warm up, stretch and cool down during your workout routine? Preparing for exercise not only decreases the likelihood of injury during activity, but also allows you to maximize your performance. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends stretching each major muscle group for 60 seconds before and after your workout. Staying flexible helps you operate at peak performance!

See the link below from the Mayo Clinic on the basics of stretching and visit us on our facebook page for more tips this week and next!

LINK |  A guide to basic stretches