Digestive Friendly Holiday Meal

A large part of most holidays is sharing a meal with friends and family. These meals most commonly consist of rich ingredients that make us feel heavy, bloated, and uncomfortable afterwards.

Enjoy your classic holiday meal without the uncomfortable aftermath by limiting difficult-to-digest carbohydrates. According to the Digestive Health Institute, limiting the types of carbs that have gut “fermentation potential” will help you avoid painful digestion and constipation.

The holiday favorite ‘Turkey Dinner’ can be rich in difficult-to-digest carbohydrates. Although this meal is not gut-friendly, it does not mean you need to throw out your traditional meal. Check out this adaptation of your traditional ‘Turkey Dinner’ that you can enjoy without the discomfort of difficult digestion.

Holidays are meant to be spent enjoying time with family and friends. Don’t spend your holiday in pain and discomfort due to difficult digestion and constipation. If you are experiencing chronic constipation, consult with one of Regional Gi’s qualified gastroenterologists. Schedule your appointment by visiting www.regionalgi.com/contact.

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