Daniel Connell, Jr. MD

Research Confirms Use of CO2 Reduces Pain

Research Confirms CO2 Reduces Pain for Colonoscopy PatientsThe use of CO2 has been proven to reduce discomfort and bloating after a colonoscopy, as well as, decrease recovery time and improve patient satisfaction.

Regional Gi is the only gastroenterology practice in Lancaster that uses CO2 in its procedure centers. CO2 is a safe and recommended alternative to using room air for a colonoscopy.

With less discomfort ,and no additional cost to you, wouldn’t you prefer CO2? Ask your family physician or contact Regional Gi at 717 869-4600 to learn more.

Back in May we set down with Dr. Connell to discuss the use of CO2 and its benefits in more detail. See that post and video below. [break]

Use of CO2: It is all about your comfort – May 9th 2013

Regional Gi is pleased to announce that we have implemented the use of CO2 during colonoscopy procedures performed at both of our facilities. Regional Gi is the only Lancaster GI practice that uses CO2 in their procedure centers (located at 2104 Harrisburg Pike and 4140 Oregon Pike).

The use of CO2, instead of room air, during colonoscopy procedures is proven to reduce bloating, abdominal pain, and flatus post procedure (as evidenced in many national and international studies).

CO2 may also reduce the patients time in the recovery area and lead to an earlier discharge after procedure. Patient comfort and satisfaction is enhanced by the use of CO2. If it is time to schedule your colonoscopy, consider Regional Gi . We recognize that your comfort is an important component of your care. Our use of CO2 demonstrates our commitment to you.