Lucas’ Story

Colon Cancer Awareness Month serves as a valuable platform for education, advocacy and remembrance. Thousands of families are affected by colorectal cancer annually — many live right here in Lancaster County. In 2009, Lucas E. Malmer, age 29, Ephrata, PA was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. After years of treatment, Lucas passed away last year. Lucas’ story encourages us to take command of our health. As the Malmer family mourns the loss of their son, they use his death to remind us of the importance of lifesaving colonoscopy screenings.

In his memory, the Malmer’s have started the Lucas E. Malmer Memorial Scholarship Fund. Money raised will be awarded to an Ephrata High School senior accepted into a technological school. This Saturday, the Malmer’s are hosting the First Annual Pain in the Butt 5k in Lucas’ honor.

Watch Lucas’ story below: