Dale Whitebloom, DO

Interview with a Doctor | Dale Whitebloom D.O.

Dale Whitebloom D.O. 

Dr. Whitebloom is a physician, managing partner, and president at Regional Gi with a special interest in Hepatitis C, inflammatory bowel disease, and disorders of the esophagus.

Dr. Whitebloom reflects on how scientific curiosity, patient-centered care, and the quality of the Regional Gi practice inspires him in his work.



Why did you go into medicine?
“I have always been interested in science, even since elementary school. I started college as a chemistry major, but couldn’t see myself working in a lab all the time – especially because I like interacting with people. I always saw myself as a people person. Medicine had that perfect combination of science and human interaction. It just clicked – and here I am 25 years later!”

Why Gastroenterology?
“I think that the digestive tract is really fascinating and something you may take for granted. There are many complicated and fascinating diseases that can be involved in the digestive system so it is really interesting from a scientific perspective as well as intellectually stimulating. During my internal medicine and fellowship training, I really enjoyed the procedural focus and felt that it was a strength of mine. You also get that human interaction and build strong relationships with your patients. There aren’t many medical specialties where you get to have these professional combinations.”

What do you enjoy about Regional Gi?
“We have a great group, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a part of it. It’s because we have great facilities, a great group of doctors, great nurse practitioners, and our managers and staff are just phenomenal. I think any patient that comes in can feel that, it permeates the entire organization. We’re focused on quality and doing the right thing for our patients – we want to make them feel comfortable while helping them feel better. I’m proud to just be a small part of all of that.”

What are your hobbies outside of work?
“I love sports; I’m a hockey player and frequently ride bike. I also love working in my yard and gardening. I have an amazing wife who cooks great food—pair that with wine and it makes for a great night. I guess you could say I’m a lucky man.”

What is your patient care philosophy?
“When I was in medical school, another doctor whom I really looked up to gave us the advice of ‘always do what is best for the patient.’ It may seem like such a trite phrase but it’s so true. These days it’s easy to lose track of something so simple. It has always been a driving principle for me as a doctor.”


Chicago Osteopathic Medical Center

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. JFK Memorial Hospital

Clinical and Research Fellowship
Chicago Osteopathic Medical Center

Board Certification
Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology

Areas of Interest

Founding Partner, 1995 

Our doctors at Regional Gi are experienced, caring and have a passion for healing. To be able to understand where this passion began, a few of our doctors sat down to share their special interests, patient care philosophy and what it is like working with the entire Regional Gi team.

From an early age, most of our doctors have always been interested in science and healing others which has lead them to choose a life in the medical field. Our doctors have shared the same message: Regional Gi is a great place to practice and working closely with patients is their number one priority.