Christopher Shih, MD FACG

Christopher E. Shih, MD, Joins ABIM Gastroenterology Board Exam Committee

The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) recently announced new appointments to its governance structure, including several new Specialty Board members and Exam Committee members. Regional Gi’s Christopher E. Shih, MD, was named as member of ABIM’s Gastroenterology Board Exam Committee.

“Specialty Boards have helped ABIM engage physicians across several disciplines to rate MOC exam content to ensure it reflects what physicians in practice need to know,” said Richard J. Baron, MD, President and CEO of ABIM. “Our new members will make important contributions to the process, which will remain essential as ABIM plans to begin offering physicians MOC assessment options that better meet their needs. ABIM governance will also lead ongoing conversations with the community to help refine these options.”

Christopher E. Shih, MD, graduated cum laude from Harvard University and earned his medical degree at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Shih completed his internal medicine residency training at the University of Pennsylvania and his gastroenterology fellowship at Johns Hopkins.

“It’s a great honor for me to be one of only a handful of physicians chosen nationwide to be on this committee,” said Shih. “I look forward to working with some of the brightest minds in the country in the field of gastroenterology. I will strive to represent Regional Gi well in helping to develop an exam that fairly and accurately assesses a physician’s abilities and competency.”

Regional Gi is the area’s leading gastroenterology specialty practice. We are committed to helping those affected by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract including the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines. Our board-certified gastroenterology specialists will see you — and treat you — with the professionalism and care that you deserve.

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Christopher Shih, MD FACG

Dr. Christopher Shih, M.D. Featured in PracticeLink Magazine

Christopher Shih, MD FACG

Originally published in PracticeLink, Winter 2016 – Volume 26, Number 1.

Christopher Shih, M.D., graduated cum laude from Harvard University and earned his medical degree at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He completed his internal medicine residency training at the University of Pennsylvania and his gastroenterology fellowship at Johns Hopkins.

After Shih performed with the National Symphony on the Capitol Lawn, a Washington Post writer declared, “If Shih is as gifted in medicine as he is in music, he as some serious career choices to make.”

But Shih didn’t have to choose between the two. Even as a gastroenterologist at Regional Gi in Pennsylvania, Shih continues to perform in major venues in the U.S. and abroad. He has played in over a dozen countries and on television and radio programs, including NPR’s All Things Considered, Radio France, Canada CBC, Taiwan CTV and more.

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Christopher Shih, MD FACG

What is Gut Flora?

Regional Gi gastroenterologist lancaster pa specialist doctor shih

Christopher E. Shih M.D., F.A.C.G.

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about the importance of the gut flora and its impact on both disease and wellness. Each of us carries an estimated 100 trillion microorganisms in our intestines, a number that is roughly ten times higher than the number of human cells in our bodies. Scientific advances over the past few years have demonstrated that the gut flora can profoundly affect everything from digestive disorders to mental health and obesity.

Like all symbiotic relationships, our gut flora serves many important functions, including digesting energy substrates, stimulating the immune system, synthesizing vitamins, and repressing the overgrowth of harmful microorganisms. Clostridium difficile, an example of one such harmful organism, is normally unable to flourish due to competition from beneficial bacteria. When this is disrupted in some way, like with antibiotic use, it can lead to a potentially life-threatening condition called pseudomembranous colitis. There are numerous examples of the important roles that the gut flora plays in immunity: studies have shown that children with severe allergies have different bacterial compositions than children without allergies. And inflammatory bowel disease, which encompasses ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, while relatively prevalent in developed countries, is virtually unreported in third-world nations. The theory is that excessive hygiene and lack of exposure to microorganisms lead to improper immune system development, and eventually to autoimmune responses that result in inflammation.

Clinically, these observations have resulted in a number of important useful developments. Studies have shown a clear benefit of certain probiotic strains in disorders ranging from irritable bowel syndrome to inflammatory bowel disease to the prevention of superinfections like C. difficile. Fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT), which is a way of rapidly and massively altering one’s flora, has emerged in recent years as a promising adjunct to the treatment of refractory C. difficile infection. The theory is that the healthy donor’s stool can replace the diseased host’s stool and thus restore a healthy balance to the gut flora.

This balance may also be important for our brains. There’s no question that our mind has a profound influence on our gut function, and recent evidence suggests that it’s not necessarily a one-way street. Our gut flora composition can actually affect our mental health, well-being, and even appetite. A recent article described how obesity in mice can be influenced by which gut flora they’re fed. When mice without their own native flora were fed bacteria from an obese twin, they got fat. When they were fed bacteria from a non-obese twin, they stayed slim.

These fascinating advances hold tremendous promise for the future of not only digestive disorders, but also a wide range of diseases that importantly includes obesity, which is reaching epidemic proportions. As our understanding of this field continues to grow, we hope to acquire more and more tools to better serve our patients, and to potentially cure their disabling and often deadly diseases.

If you are experiencing any digestive system issues, please contact your primary care physician, or Regional Gi to schedule an appointment with a Gastroenterologist.

Christopher Shih, MD FACG

WGAL Features Regional Gi and Dr. Shih

Regional Gi gastroenterologist lancaster pa specialist doctor shihRoughly 3 million people currently suffer from Hepatitis C, a severe viral infection of the liver. If left untreated, sufferers are at risk for Cirrhosis or even cancer. However, new medicinal treatments allow patients to effectively combat this severe liver inflammation.

“Now, we can prescribe a pill a day for twelve weeks with almost no side effects. The cure rates are around 95%,” said Dr. Shih, Regional Gi.

It is important to seek testing and treatment if suffering from Hepatitis C. Please contact Regional Gi for more information. To listen to the rest of Dr. Shih’s interview, please visit WGAL.

Christopher Shih, MD FACG

Regional Gi presents Wellness Program to Ephrata National Bank employees

Here at Regional Gi, we take pride in educating the community on Digestive Health Wellness. As part of this commitment, we have created a program that caters specifically to businesses at no cost to the employer. A board certified gastroenterologist from Regional Gi will visit your facility to educate and provide potential life saving information on Digestive Health Wellness and Prevention.

Ephrata National Bank (ENB) recently kicked off their wellness initiative with Regional Gi’s program, educating  their employees on digestive health and colonoscopies. Too often people forgo colonoscopies because of fear, so Dr. Shih visited ENB to not only educate but to ease minds as well. Kathy Lake of ENB was kind enough to answer questions about the experience.

Ephrata National Bank started a wellness program of their own, can you explain further how it started?
“Our employees are very valuable to us, and we care about their health, so if they have preventive procedures done and catch something early it can save their life. Employee well-being is very important to the bank, our employees are just as much like a family as they are co-workers.”

What part of Regional Gi’s presentation was most impactful to you and your employees?
“The entire presentation was very interesting, and following the presentation, Dr. Shih answered many questions from our employees. He even helped me (personally) because I have been having some pain and discomfort. He felt like my symptoms seemed like gallbladder issues and suggested I get it checked out. I have since had to have surgery to remove my gallbladder.”

Would you recommend this program to other businesses?
“Yes! It helps put the employees mind at ease about getting a colonoscopy. Many of our employees informed Human Resources that they felt much more comfortable scheduling their colonoscopies since the presentation. Fear has subsided.”

For more information on the Regional Gi Wellness Program or to schedule a presentation for your employees, contact:
Andre Renna,
Executive Director
(717) 869-4600 or,
email at

Christopher Shih, MD FACG

Dr. Christopher Shih to perform at the Ware Center Thursday, March 27th

Christopher Shih, MD FACGIf you didn’t already know, our very own Dr. Christopher Shih is a nationally recognized pianist who has been featured in publications such as The New York Times as “an intelligent and thoughtful musician,” with “effortless performances” and “consummate control,”. He will be performing  on Thursday March 27 at 7pm along with Nerek Hajhanaryan (cello) at the Ware Center of Millersville University located in Lancaster city.

This event is open to the public, reserved seating is required. To purchase tickets: Click Here to purchase online, call the ticket office at (717) 872-3811 or at the Ware Center Box Office (42 N. Prince Street, Lancaster). Ticket Offices are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. You won’t want to miss this wonderful performance!

Christopher Shih, MD FACG

Dr. Shih in This Month’s Issue of b magazine

Christopher Shih, MD FACGThe Holiday Season is a time for get togethers, joy and a richer diet. “Tummy Troubles” better known as IBS are becoming more prevalent in the baby boomer generation and a change in diet can bring on symptoms. There are many factors such as alcohol, poor food choices, over eating and stress. In addition, as baby boomers age their digestive capacity begins to weaken.

In Leslie Friedman’s article, “Tummy Troubles Too Common For The Baby Boomer Generation”, written for b Magazine, Regional Gi’s Dr. Christopher Shih gives advice for baby boomers around the holidays. Dr. Shih emphasizes a healthy diet and knows that, “Although it is tempting to indulge in rich and fatty foods,  the key is moderation and not to over do those types of foods.”  Instead, focus on eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole complex grains and starches followed by low fat meats, especially fish, in modest quantities.

Watching what you eat is not the only message of this article. “The incidence of both colon cancer and colonic polyps increases steadily as people advance beyond 50 years of age,” explains Dr. Shih. He continues, “…Vigilant screenings with colonoscopy and polyp removal can reduce the risk of colon cancer, and dying from it.” It is critical that everyone over the age of 50 receive a colonoscopy, which is the most effective screening procedure for detection.


Christopher Shih, MD FACG

Dr. Christopher Shih: Award-winning Pianist and Lecturer

Dr. Christopher Shih is not only a board certified gastroenterologist at Regional Gi, he is a lecturer and award winning pianist who has performed the world over.

Dr. Christopher Shih Wins the Sixth International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs

Van Cliburn presents Christopher Shih with the First Place prize for winning the Sixth International Piano Competition for Outstanding Amateurs in Fort Worth, Texas. Source

Described as “an intelligent and thoughtful musician with effortless performances and consummate control,” by The New York Times, Dr. Shih is the winner of the Sixth Sixth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition for Amateurs in 2011. Previous awards include the Paris Concours International de Grandes Amateurs de Piano in 2008, the Boston International Piano Competition for Exceptional Amateurs in 2007, and the Washington International Piano Amateurs Competition in 2006.

Dr. Shih has collaborated with various festival orchestras and symphonies, as well as worked with the Grammy winning Pacifica Quartet. Dr. Shih’s talent has been featured on various television and radio programs such as NPR’s All Things Considered, APM’s Performance Today, WGBH’s Inner Voice, and Radio France.

Recently, Dr. Shih was invited to present, as well as perform, at the 7th Annual Entertainment Gathering Conference where he spoke about the impact of a healthy lifestyle on functional digestive disorders.

The EG Conference, similar to the well-known TED Conference, is a symposium of the “most industrious and iconoclastic talents of our time.” Dr. Shih was invited as a leading gastroenterologist and an internationally-recognized concert pianist. The focus of his speech was on treating functional digestive disorders with a holistic approach, emphasizing that a healthy diet, exercise and activities that are mentally and spiritually fulfilling can have an impact of the quality of life.


There’s No Magic Pill: Supplementing a Healthy Lifestyle
Preview from EG on


More information about Dr. Shih, music samples and videos are available on his website.

For your chance to see Dr. Shih perform, attend the Lancaster International Piano Festival at the Ware Center, on Sunday, July 21, 2013. More information is available at the Lancaster International Piano Festival website.

Watch Christopher Shih’s Finals Performance recorded June 23rd 2011 below.