Mehul Lalani, MD

Interview with a Doctor | Dr. Lalani

Dr. Mehul J. Lalani specializes in Gastroenterology ; conditions and diseases relative to the digestive system. In this months Interview with a Doctor, Dr. Lalani explains why he became a physician and why he chose gastroenterology as his specialty.

Why did you enter medicine?
“I always wanted to practice in a profession which would contribute something worthwhile to make people’s lives  better. I also enjoyed the challenges along with the rigors of the medical field.”

Why Gastroenterology?
“The interaction with patients along with the procedural aspect of the field has always brought a sense of satisfaction to me. I enjoy the science behind medicine and the constant intellectual challenge.”

What do you enjoy about working at Regional Gi?
“The collegiality amongst the physicians at Regional Gi is remarkable. We collaborate effectively and efficiently to benefit the health of the patient. We genuinely enjoy working together. We all practice humility.”

What are your hobbies outside of work?
“I have been fortunate to have been involved in many competitive sports. I really enjoy playing tennis and golf. I moved to Lancaster 9 years ago. I have a beautiful family which includes my wife and 2 daughters. Lancaster is an exceptional place to raise a family.”

What is your patient care philosophy?
“Take care of patients how you or your family would want to be treated.”