Richard Elkin, DO

Interview with a Doctor | Richard J. Elkin D.O.

Richard Elkin, DO

Richard J. Elkin D.O.

Dr. Elkin is a physician and founding partner at Regional Gi with a special area of interest in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

A physician for 29 years, Dr. Elkin explains why he entered medicine, why he enjoys working at Regional Gi and a few little known facts about the man behind the scope.



Why did you enter medicine?
“As a child, I was influenced by my family doctor. He was a friendly, compassionate man who served as a role model for me. I wanted to be just like him some day. During my internship, I met another individual that I looked up to and he led me down the path of gastroenterology.”

What do you enjoy about working at Regional Gi?
“We have a close knit group of doctors, who all share ideas and get along with each other quite well. I feel that I work with a great group of nurses, technicians, secretarial staff as well, and that makes going to work every day pleasurable. There is a wonderful sense of camaraderie at Regional Gi.”

What are your hobbies outside of work?
“I am a crazy one for hobbies.” Dr. Elkin admits. “I love the outdoors and try to spend as much time as I can fishing , cycling, golfing, when I get the opportunity, skiing. I became a fly fisherman over the past few years, and I must admit, I’m hooked!”

What is your patient care philosophy?
“I consider myself a friendly, approachable person. I enjoy sitting and talking with my patients while trying to help them with their health issues. Being examined can make some people anxious, and my hope is to make the process more pleasant. I think everyone at Regional Gi has a similar goal.”



Metropolitan Hospital, Central Division, PA

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Visiting Fellow
Graduate Hospital of University of Pennsylvania and
St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children

Clinical and Research Fellowship
JFK Memorial Hospital

Board Certification
Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology

Area of Interest

Founding Partner, 1995



Our doctors at Regional Gi are experienced, caring and have a passion for healing. To be able to understand where this passion began, a few of our doctors sat down to share their special interests, patient care philosophy and what it is like working with the entire Regional Gi team.

From an early age, most of our doctors have always been interested in science and healing others which has lead them to choose a life in the medical field. Our doctors have shared the same message: Regional Gi is a great place to practice and working closely with patients is their number one priority.