A Moment with Michele | Pizza Lovers Listen Up

Pizza lovers, Pizza Hut has joined the gluten free bandwagon, and they intend to do it properly.

Pizza Hut has paired up with Udi’s Gluten Free Foods to create a safe and delicious pizza for those with Celiac Disease. There are some other chain restaurants that offer gluten free pizza, but most are not going the extra mile to avoid cross contamination as Pizza Hut will.

According to Pizza Hut & Udi’s, they will use Udi’s crust and a special kit (containing sauce, cheese and toppings free from contamination) that will be kept in a gluten free area. The pizza will be made to order in this area, baked on parchment paper and cut with a designated pizza cutter. Staff will be educated about gluten free and will change their gloves to prepare it. The pizza will be delivered to the table in a box marked gluten free.

Kudos to Pizza Hut for going the extra mile to make sure their customers will not get sick! Be sure to call your local Pizza Hut to find out when they will be preparing gluten free options!

Enjoy ~ Michele