A Moment with Michele | Local Gluten Free Restaurants

A Momeent with Michele

So you are looking for a “safe” restaurant for a gluten free meal?

I Have recently been trying some of the local restaurants that have a gluten free menu. Here are a few worth trying.

The Seed, 52 N Queen St., 8 A, Lancaster. – located by Central Market in Place Marie building.
They cater to GF, vegetarian, and vegan. The menu consists of organic and health conscious selections: GF wraps, the spicy black bean burger is great, the sweet potato wrap is also a favorite. Quinoa salad and many other choices. The staff are very knowledgable about the GF diet and will change their gloves and prepare food on a clean surface.

Pasquale’s Italian Restaurant, 1657 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster.
Many gluten free pasta dishes. I had a delicious Alfredo that was hard to beat. They also have GF pizza. The staff are very knowledgeable about the gluten free selections.

The Dragonfly Cafe, 245 Bloomfield Drive, Lititz.
Most of the menu can be made GF. They have a large selection of gluten free breakfast items, including pancakes! They also have sandwiches on GF bread or wraps. I had macaroni and cheese with crab and asparagus. My daughter had quesadilla’s which were very tasty. We were overwhelmed with all the selections and highly recommend this restaurant.

Cafe Chocolate, 40 East Main Street, Lititz.
What more can I say than GF chocolate fondue? They serve sandwiches, salads and desserts that are gluten free. The chocolate fondue comes with fresh strawberries, pineapple, grapes, kiwi and marshmallows. Be sure to let them know you’re GF, so they do not give you cookies or pretzels. This place is a favorite of mine.

Isaac’s Deli, Gluten free flatbread with most sandwiches. (Bread is made by Amaranth Bakery in Lancaster) They also have GF soups and salads. Be sure to tell them you have Celiac Disease and must have it prepared separately.

Iron Hill Brewery 781 Harrisburg Pike, Lancaster.
Large selection of gluten free meals from salads to entrees, even gluten free beer.

Ciro’s Italian Restaurant 605 Richmond Square, Lancaster – Richmond Square off of Fruitville pike.
This one is my favorite, their GF pizza is the best around. They also have many salads and entrees that can be made GF. Most of the gelato is GF also!

Two Cousins & Pat’s Pizza
Speaking of pizza, you may want to also try Two Cousins or Pat’s for a quick take out. Both are very good.

JB Dawson’s 491 Park City Center, Lancaster.
JB Dawson’s has a great GF menu with Pasta and many other GF selections.

Grotto Pizza
The weather is finally warming up, so if you are soon headed toward the Delaware beaches, be sure to stop by Grotto and pick up a delicious GF pizza. You won’t be sorry!

Remember to ALWAYS let your server know that you need gluten free. It also helps when you explain that you have Celiac Disease, so they know they need to take the extra precautions.