A Moment with Michele | Tips on surviving the wedding season being gluten free

A Momeent with Michele

Wedding season has arrived!

I have already been to one wedding and have two more to go. Here are some tips on how to survive the season being gluten free.

1. Make sure you let the couple know that you will need a gluten free meal. Don’t feel bad about it, they are paying good money for your meal and they want you to be able to eat it.

2. Offer to call the caterer  (in advance) to arrange a safe meal. Most caterers will have knowledge of the gluten free diet, if not, educate them. Let them know what you can eat and explain cross contamination.  Make arrangements to ” touch base” with someone from the catering staff the day of the wedding. Be sure to get a name so you can remind them of your dietary needs and let them know where you will be seated.The caterer wants you to be happy so you will recommend them to others.

3. Do not expect them to provide a gluten free dessert. If you have a sweet tooth like me and think you will feel deprived when the cake is served, bring your own. I usually bring a GF brownie, cupcake or cookie along so that I can enjoy dessert with everyone else.

4. Do not assume that the spiked punch is gluten free. Some may contain beer, coolers (malt based) or  a liquor that is not gluten free. Make sure you ask about ingredients or just avoid the punch and have a glass of wine or safe mixed drink instead.

5. You may want to follow these guidelines for the wedding shower too. Otherwise, be sure to eat before you go.

6. Have a great time!  It is much easier to have fun when you are not hungry or stressed about being able to eat.

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